Why Powell Land Resources

Quality over quantity. Get the right people to see the right property at the right time, when they are ready and motivated to act.

Powell Land Resources is a full-service brokerage for entities or individuals seeking to acquire, explore, invest, market, or liquidate land-related assets. Only Powell Land Resources provides all the confidential services needed to broker your land deal — regardless of buying or selling. We navigate complex business deals involving all lands — from commercial, agribusiness, farm and ranch, or sporting and recreational properties — in the U.S. and internationally.

Looking to invest?

We can help bring your business concept to reality with our unique skill set. From finding land or commercial properties, understanding business and land laws, finance, resource management, and marketing, we can bring a deal to life. Having an experienced broker helps anticipate and circumvent potential barriers to success.

Looking to sell?

We can help you reach the right buyers for your unique property. With 30 years of marketing experience and an unmatched arsenal of resources and clients, we specialize in quality land-related transactions.

Optimal listing presentation is essential to what your property needs and what we do. Each listing is unique and the marketing materials need to tell that story and showcase those features to set your property apart.

We create media materials and advertising strategies to promote your listings through cutting-edge digital marketing as well as traditional worldwide marketing methods.

Regional, National & Global

As the world becomes smaller and acquisitions across borders become more common, Powell Land Resources is part of a network of valuable assets to garner national and international exposure.

Through targeted digital marketing and the power of the American Farm + Ranch (AFR) network, we can reach potential buyers and sellers, almost anywhere in the world. From a quiet hardware store in west Texas to the busy financial district of Dubai, we can connect your property.


You only get one chance to make a first impression, and our award-winning design team works with our members to create the finest presentations in the industry. We then put that content to work for you, getting it in front of your core target buyers.


We are committed to staying in front of the digital market space, with technology and strategies that reach buyers and sellers where they are today. Our social media program, coupled with the AI enhanced AFR retargeting program, exposes your property to the most qualified buyers on the planet.

The nature of marketing real estate has quietly shifted. 99% of companies have not identified this or reacted. Powell Land Resources has implemented both proprietary and out-of-industry technologies. When used by our specialized marketing team, we successfully identify the most accurate targeted audience on a property-by-property basis. We are no longer driven by numbers because our focus is on accuracy. Quality over quantity. Get the right people to see the right property at the right time, when they are ready and motivated to act.